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Conceptual design

Understanding what the development is intended to do and how and where it is placed in context in the surrounding community is the first step, which establishes the framework for moving forward.

Financial structuring

The critical component of financing is examined for feasibility. Raising equity in the form of investor capital, tax credits syndications, and/or grants are the primary considerations, with a range of debt sources completing the financial structure.  

Budget and pro formas

Source and Uses of Capital, Operating proformas, and cash flow projections are established in detail accessible to management, whether to ascertain feasibility or as a central element in the pursuit of capital and development. Careful and realistic budgeting is essential to project success.   

Site selection

Knowledge of the appropriate sub-markets in Atlanta is the first step in matching an organization’s needs with potential sites. Working with brokers is a standard route in site selection, but at the outset, it is important to define the criteria. 

Due diligence

Once a site is under contract and financial feasibility established, the due diligence process commences, consisting of market analysis, surveys, title examination, environmental assessment, and other third party technical, legal and financial investigations.

Team formation

Assembling the best possible partners and professional consultants to execute on the development ensures success. Selecting the appropriate attorneys, architects/engineers, land planners, consultants, and general contractors will also validate the budget and capital raising.

Project management

Oversee and coordinate all aspects of a project from concept to the grand opening. The menu above describes the scope of work for Project Management ("development consultant"), which can be executed in whole or in parts, depending on the needs of the client.

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