Habitat for Humanity
​Single-family, owner-occupied houses
This is where it started. Bruce served as the volunteer chief executive for the Jimmy Carter Work Project for Habitat for Humanity, a crash course in housing and community development. The house pictured here is one of 20 homes built in the Edgewood neighborhood of Atlanta during one week in 1988, when 1,000 volunteers from around the country came to work with President and Mrs. Carter and Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity. Today, the houses look almost new, and the Edgewood neighborhood has undergone a dramatic revitalization.  
Hope House
Transitional housing for the homeless
Progressive Redevelopment, Inc., where Bruce served as president and CEO, spent more than five years scouring the city for an appropriate site and gathering political support to develop a transitional housing facility that would showcase best practices for treating individuals experiencing homelessness who were also battling substance abuse. The combination of unique housing design and comprehensive support services provided on site have generated remarkable results for its 70 residents over its fifteen year history. 
Hope House demonstrated the power of public-private-community partnership, as it was built on land owned by the City of Atlanta, one block south of City Hall, and was supported by a consortium of three, historic churches in the area.
Welcome House
Permanent Supportive Housing, service-enriched rental housing
Welcome House was the city's first new construction Single Room Occupancy (SRO) built in over 20 years. Welcome House pioneered the concept of "supportive housing" in Atlanta, whereby support services are provided on site to low income residents.
The 202-unit Welcome House fulfilled Mayor Maynard Jackson's response to the city's growing crisis of homelessness, and it helped transform PRI from a fledgling nonprofit into one of the metro area's largest affordable housing developers. Of enormous benefit, PRI learned the development business when its office was located at the H.J. Russell Company, schooled by both Egbert Perry and Noel Khalil, who both worked for Mr. Russell during that time.  

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